Invisible lessons in a course?

I recently read the 影踏み course (Japanese). There are 6 lessons I can see, and I finished them all. Though I have completed all the lessons and they each show 0 blue words, the course shows 2937 blue words. Is this a malfunction? Or, are there lessons I cannot see for some reason? I’d love to read the rest of the story if this is a glitch or if they are available somehow…

My apologies if this has been posted before. I found one post about individual lessons not showing zero blue words upon completion, but I did not find one where the course total shows blue words while the individual lessons don’t.


Can you please post a link to that course? I’ll take a look.

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Sure, thanks:

Thanks. As I have suspected, that course has 6 shared lessons and 29 Private lessons. That is why you see 2k+ blue words remaining, these are in Private lessons. Not sure why user who imported that course haven’t shared them all, but I’ll ask him.

That makes sense. Thanks Zoran!