Introduction to Psychology

Yesterday I found this Introductory course on Psychology produced by Yale University and I have to say: what a find!! I can’t believe I didn’t come across it sooner. I’m really exited about the course, I’ve always been interested in Psychology, in fact I even thought about studying it in college but ended up choosing Mechatronic instead.

Anyway, the course is available on-line here:

So far I’ve imported and shared three lectures on lingQ:
Lecture 1 -
Lecture 2 -
Lecture 3 -

As I move through the course, I’ll continue importing the lectures and updating this post with the links for them.

On the Open Yale Courses site ( there are other interesting courses with Video/Audio lectures and Transcripts, so it would be great if you guys could give a look there. Maybe there’s something that you might find interesting. :slight_smile:

What a great find! Too bad they don’t have any French courses.

Unfortunatele this course is under a BY-NC-SA licenze which means that we have not the permission to share it on LingQ because NC means “no commercial” and LingQ is considered as commercial. This is the same for all the Yale courses as far as I know :frowning:

P.S. Don’t forget that you can importe it for you own and share it privately (not in the library) if you want to.

Thanks for pointing it out, Vera
When I decided to import this course I thought this “non commercial” thing was not a problem since any user, even with free accounts, would be able to access it. But after reading your post, I read the ‘terms o use’ of these Open Yale Courses more carefully and you are right. :frowning:

What a pity!
MIT’s interpretation of what “non commercial” means is different. According to their terms of use it seems to be OK importing their courses as lessons here.

I remembered that I’ve checked the website earlier. It is a pity that this licenze is often chosen instead of the CC-BY-SA licenze.

Maybe the MIT uses another licenze than the Open Yale Courses. You have always to check carefully which licenze is used.

Allisson, please share this course (and others) privetly. Unfortunatly, I don/t know how to do it… I would give you points for this.

It is not difficult to do. For example…Just:

  1. go to the Yale link provided above
  2. click on the courses tab
  3. there you will find courses ranging from Astronomy to Economics (quite a range)
  4. click on the course you want (e.g. History of Art)-- within this section there is a course called Roman Architecture-- i clicked this
  5. now press the tab for syllabus (within this section you’ll find the individual lectures
  6. choose a lecture- once there you’ll see ‘Transcripts’, ‘Audio’, ‘Video’

Have fun ( I wish there were French courses),


Michael, thanks! I wish there were French courses as well.

@Veral - From now on I’ll keep that in mind! :slight_smile:

@mikebooks - Yep! It would be nice if there were courses in other languages. Maybe if you do a little research you might find something. For example sometime ago I studied computer networks through a course in Spanish that I found on youtube.

@Alenika - Actually I’d be pleased to share the courses with anyone who wants it! (no need to give me points or anything like that). Then if you still need or want me to do it, let me know. The only problem is that I have a really slow connection then you would have to be patient.
P.s.: You said you would like more history courses. Well, I don’t know if it will interest you but yesterday I found one about world history. The name is “Bridging World History” and it’s available here:
Judging by the first Unit which I watched/imported today, it seems to be really interesting.

@Allisson- thank you! Now I can create the private lessons. Thanks once more!!!