Interviews with language learners

I’ve just listened to Friedemann’s interview with Steve. They spoke in various languages and I really loved it. Listening to other people speaking in a foreign language is a major boost of motivation for me. So, I thought it might be a good idea to create some sort of “library” for this type of interviews.

There are lots of great lessons here on this site, but I’d also really like to see where people are getting. This is not to measure anybody’s ability or to start any kind of competition among language learners, certainly not.

I just think that we could kill two birds with one stone here: For one, I think it would be great practice for any language learner, and then it would also be a great means of motivation for others. I know you can always have your private conversation with your tutor but the idea here is to share your knowledge.

I’ve always found that one of the toughest parts of language learning is keeping your motivation alive and maybe this kind of “library” where you can listen to fellow language learners could help with that.

These interviews should just be there to be enjoyed, I don’t think we should try to rate them in the sense of “His German is better than XY’s or so” or by looking for mistakes. There are other places where you can do that. Besides, it would just scare off potential participants.

You can still learn a lot from other people without trying to rate their performance. Besides, if you download your own interviews you might get a better idea of how you are progressing because people should have the opportunity to make several of these interviews if they like.

I would be more than happy to talk to people who study German. I might be able to do that 3 to 4 times a month, depending on my work load. To make things easier and more comfortable for the language learner, I think we should offer them the opportunity to prepare for the interview, so that they at least know what the subject will be (it could be anything and need not be restricted to language learning itself).

I simply realized that I definitely prefer this type of interviews to the kind of videos that I’ve been making myself. I mean, videos are fine, but I think interviews are much more enjoyable both to do and to listen to.

I’d be interested to hear what you think about it. Maybe it is a complete “Schnapsidee” as we say in German, but maybe you’d like to go for it :wink:

Schnapsidee = crackpot idea
I guess you guys know what “Schnaps” is (a type of liquor, spirit), so the idea behind that expression is that you must have had too much Schnaps because the idea you came up with really sounds crazy :wink:

Oh yeah, I know what Schnaps is…

I really like the idea. I am actually in a period of low motivation myself, and I think this would help. That was my favorite part of the LingQ video contest, hearing those who spoke in a foreign language.