International Language Conference in Moscow

I will be making a presentation in Russian to an international language conference in Moscow on Sunday Mar 31, 10 am Moscow time.

Here is a link to the conference.

Polyglot and language conferences in general I find very interesting, but I do not understand the Russian language, so my hope is that Steve and especially Richard and Luca, who will be present at the conference, will give some internet information after the conference, so that also I can get an impression about what was happening there. I am already very curious and I wish Steve, Richard and Luca lots of success with their contributions!


I attended the conference in Moscow. Steve was the only non-native speaker to present entirely in Russian, which was inspiring to see. I heard very positive feedback from others about his speech during lunch. Using a show of hands, only a small number of attendees had heard of or tried LingQ before. LingQ got a few good mentions from other presenters. Hopefully new members have joined after the event using a discount code Steve gave to participants.

The event itself was very professionally organised, in a good venue and full of interesting ideas and opinions. Kudos to the event organisers! If it happens by chance to be organized again over the (western) Easter weekend, I’ll consider strongly attending next year.


@keke eo: “…Steve was the only non-native speaker to present entirely in Russian, which was inspiring to see…”

Richard Simcott and Luca Lampariello didn’t present entirely in Russian? Hmm. Interesting.

I presented from my computer at 12 midnight Saturday night. I was able to control the slides which appeared, along with my video image, on a large screen in a large meeting room, and I just spoke into the computer. It was quite the technical tour de force. There were a few questions, and everything transpired in Russian.

I went to sleep and the next morning was able to connect with the meeting again, in time to see Luca and Richard make presentations. I did not listen to their whole presentations, just parts of them. I think they did well, and their presentations seemed well received.

I have been told that a video of the proceedings will be made available to me.

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Richard’s presentation was about raising multilingual children? I would have liked to hear that, too bad I don’t understand Russian.

Short snippet:

Update (same short snippet from Richard’s channel):
Luca and Richard speak in 9 languages on stage

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@odiernod Richard’s presentations from his workshop about raising multilingual children are available for purchase online for 3400 rubles. The video presentations are in English with simultaneous interpretation in Russian. If you need help ordering, let me know, I’ll tell you what to click.
edit: the page is in english too:

$163, yikes! Thanks for sending me the link, but I could probably get a personal skype conversation with Richard himself for less than that.