Internal Server Error

No issues here. German, Chinese, French, and Russian lessons work well.

The above mentioned Login - LingQ work well, too.


@u50623 - Is this still giving you issues? It seems to be working fine here and may have just been a temporary glitch.

@u50623 - Hmm, I can’t seem to reproduce this in my account. It’s possible that it’s only affecting specific accounts. We will have our developers look into this to see why this might be happening.

i get this error when trying to open courses in the library. i tried two japanese intermediate 1 courses, one of them this penpals course (with most roses) and when i open the course i get the error…

@Vincent56 - Would you be able to link me to one of the courses that is giving you issues?

@u50623 - OK, glad to hear it!

this one gives me the error, i have a feeling more will have the same issue but havent tried all. im on Chrome btw…

I have the same issue. French, English, Spanish and Portuguese don’t work. I can’t load the texts and I get the message ‘internal server error’. The other languages do work actually…Can someone fix that? Thanks!

Gr. Mackenzie

But what can I do about this? I also use Firefox…

The welcome page gives me an Internal Server Error. I can only open pages using a link from an email for example. Other links seem to open properly.
The same error occurs on the profile page.

@Vincent56, mackenzie, alleray - How long have you all been experiencing these issues? Are they still happening now? I don’t seem to be able to reproduce these despite visiting the same lessons and pages.

This morning (~ 10 hours ago) I experienced it on iPad and iPhone, later also on the PC (Chrome). It’s still happening now if I want to open /welcome or my profile directly (eg from this page) or by entering the URL again. I can open My Lessons and Account for example as well as Exchange.

Now everything seems to be working fine, welcome/profile/account pages.

Yes, those issues should be resolved now. Sorry about that. Thanks for reporting this.