Intermediate Hebrew words wont translate to English!

Hello there lingQ and first of thank you for making this convenient app. now my German has had a lot of big improvements lately and so thank you. i’m trying to learn new words from ​the intermediate Hebrew, and i click on a word i don’t know, i don’t get a definition on what the word means. i just get a pronounciation of the word. when i click on “Check dictionary” and i click on “Translate” it wont let me translate the Hebrew word i do not know. Does this only happen with the Beta languages or is it just my Hebrew course? I just cant learn the language as efficiently as i would with another language course like for example German. when i go into my German language course it gives me the meaning of the word unlike Hebrew it just gives me the pronunciation. plz help. thank you​

Hi! I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this. I opened up a Hebrew lesson and clicked on a blue word, and it seems to show user hints and the Google Translate result properly in the dashboard at the right. Is this happening for all words, or is it just specific words?