Intermediate Dutch content

Hi everyone. I’ve tried to pick up LingQ for quite some time now but I’ve always run into some issues.

I’ve been learning Dutch for a while now and my understanding of the language is enough to read non-academic books for adults with about 90% comprehension. I’ve found no text + audio combination that I can import into LingQ. Out of copyright novels are useless because of the orthographic shifts which the Dutch language has undergone over time. I’d rather get to a more advanced level with the language, and then go look at those, to prevent being confused for now. Has anyone got any ideas for me? I’m interested in many topics (especially anything in the humanities), so feel free to offer suggestions. (Wikipedia audio articles are always out of date.)

I’ve uploaded some advanced lessons into the collection ‘de Verfransing van Brussel’ (the Frenchification of Brussels).
Here is the link to that collection: Verfransing van Brussel - LingQ Language Library

I have not yet uploaded the whole article, but I’ll be doing it over time. If you have some texts that you would like to have recorded and shared, just let me know, and I’d love to record it. I’m not interested in writing my own texts, recording the audio and transcribing them, because it would simply take too much time. Suggestions are appreciated.

Interesting topic and only just above my level. Thanks for those, Vincent.

I’ve not got any suggestions right now, but if I think of anything, I’ll post on your profile. Thanks for the offer.