I have registered for 10 dollars per months, and i have the feeling that some categories are missing in my lingq page. For example, i saw on youtube that some people have categories inside the lessons tab which i don’t have. Also when i want to add vocab manually “import vocab” i can only add the term but not the translation, for this i have to refresh the page see the new term added on the list and add the translation. And to finish my interface is in english not in french like i choose in the options which is a bit difficult for me.

Thanks in advance for any helps,
and sorry for my english.
Cordially gab

Hmm, strange that your interface is still in English if you switched it to French. Can you please check the Profile Settings page again (Login - LingQ) and make sure that French is selected?
All users have exactly the same interface and it’s shouldn’t be possible that anything is different on your account. When you are on the Lessons page, do you see Lesson Feed, Library, My Courses/Lessons and Beginners tabs?
Also, when you are importing singe term or list of terms on the Vocabulary page, you can’t add translation right away, but after terms are imported and appear on the list you can then add translations/notes or tags for each term. If you are importing terms through CSV file, you can add hints and import them right away.
If you still think that something is wrong with your account, please send us some screeshots on support(at) . Thanks!

Hello Zoran,
I also have also noticed that sometimes my interface is in English, sometimes in Dutch (as is my preference in my settings). I never paid so much attention to it. But now I noticed how I can reproduce the problem: Opening LingQ in my browser, fine, Dutch. Then I switch to another language, e.g. from learning Swedish to learning Chinese, selecting the flag in the right hand top corner: suddenly the interface language changes to English.

Thanks a lot Silvia! You are right, I was able to reproduce the issue and it’s now reported to our development team and should be fixed soon.