Interesting Thing of the Day, Style Guides

Today I found this articel (during I worked with flascards and looked for an example).
It was so interesting that I stopped my flashcard learning and worked with this article.

It is exactly my feeling when I try to write myself and when I try to translate par example an article from Steve.
Sometimes you may only understand correct when you know the person and his kind of expression.

After reading this article I have to say that this difficulties are the same in German language and I think in others too.

I would be interested to hear what other member think about.

Although I recognize that such style guides are well-intentioned, I believe communication is more important than sticking to a specific style guide. In terms of aesthetics, I prefer to be consistent through the text. It means using only one form to express the same thing. So, I agree with the author that mixing okay with OK is a little odd. Actually, “okay” itself seems really odd to me…
I’m often involved in writing stuff, either in Portuguese or in English, and having my writings corrected by a lot of people, and I can assure people have very varied opinions about writing style. Sometimes I have the same text commented on by two different people and then they suggest opposite things regarding to the same issue… Depending on who are those people, this can be stressful to convince one (or both) of the properness of a different choice.