Interesting study in Quebec

The relevant portion begins at 5:25. Keep tuned if you want to hear a bureaucratic horror story about NCLB…

I watched this for 7 minutes or so. The guy is a deadly presenter. The Quebec experiment is not news. I have seen similar studies from New Brunswick. Where is the bureaucratic horror story? Yes, if we let kids read, rather than trying to teach them, they will learn to become better readers.

I had no problem with the guy’s presentation. He’s just talking. Yes, it’s not the only study of its kind. I just thought it was interesting. My apologies for posting it…

The bureaucratic horror story was how a lack of solid evidence for extensive reading in a very limited selection of studies got turned into “don’t do extensive reading” in the context of No Child Left Behind, even though no one had initially suggested that extensive reading was ineffective. He talks about that after the Quebec experiment.

Don’t apologize for posting it. The subject is interesting even if the presenter is dull. I was looking for some horror story connected with the Quebec study. Forgive me if I do not know what NCLB means.

Ah, I see. I suppose the NCLB reference did come a bit out of nowhere.