Interesting story about signing up at LingQ

When I signed up for an account at LingQ, which was a few days after it was opened to the public, I kept getting an error message. If I remember correctly, the error message was telling me that I was not typing in the same password twice.

Well, it didn’t take me but a couple of more tries to confirm that I was indeed typing my password the same both times but I was still getting the erroneous error message.

Then, what I did was, I changed the username on the sign up form that I was trying to register with. I changed it from Keith to KeithD. And voila! I was able to complete the sign up process successfully.

At the time, I figured that the real problem was one of two things. Either it was comparing my username to my first name and didn’t like the fact that they were the same, or somebody else had beaten me to the username.

Today, I checked the Account page and saw that the username was editable, so I changed my username to Keith. Now I’m happy.


There were some glitches with the registration page initially and some poor explanation. These glitches should be fixed now. You were prevented from using your name as your username or password. We were trying to make the login information more secure to protect your personal information. We’re less concerned with protecting your language learning data!:slight_smile: I guess, in the end, your username and password can be as secure as you want to make them. It’s up to the individual.

I’m glad you were able to change it to the way you want.