Interesting podcasts in spanish and french

I’ve been learning french for a little while now, and slowly learning spanish. I’ve been trying to make my way - very slowly - through radio ambulante episodes, but they’re spoken incredibly fast. Does anyone know other, perhaps slower spoken podcasts like it in spanish or french? Its pretty engaging so I don’t get bored listening to it or mining it for lingqs. out listening to it over and over. Some of the easier material is making me pull my eyes out though.

Have you tried the PodClub shows?

Spanish - A mi aire:
French - Balades: PodClub - Klubschule Migros

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Was going to suggest these. Balades and L’avis de Marie in French are very slow. That Français Authentique guy speaks very very slowly, and Français Avec Pierre (i think it’s called) that guy speaks INSANELY slowly. Like so slowly it would probably damage your French.

Dunno about any more, or about Spanish. I mainly watched cartoons to bring my French oral comprehension up to par. Anatole Latuile is good and pretty funny. All on youtube. No subs.

Youtube is a great place for listening comprehension I use it with my Spanish and no subs.

The best thing about youtube is you can speed it up. Do 20 hours of sped-up listening comprehension and then normal speed will seem very slow.