Interesting Conversations in Spanish

When I was initially learning French, I got a lot out of the conversations available in the French lingq library provided by Serge, Marianne, Marguerite, and others. Each conversation has an interesting topic; usually a current event or a debatable issue is discussed.

Unfortunaly, conversations like these are much less present in the Spanish Lingq library. Steve put up a few interesting conversations, but everything else seems just to be a series of people talking about mostly soccer and a couple of other topics which do not really interest me. I’m sure these podcasts are great for some, but they are not quite for me.

Does anyone know of any good resources for genuine conversations in Spanish?

Have you seen the LingQ course SpanishLingQ? It has a number of conversations between Guillermo and Mariano and between Rafael and Patricia about several topics.

What about Radiolistas, provided on LingQ by MissTake? Many of the 341 lessons consist of conversations, interviews and playlets. I see her course has garnered 606 roses. I would give her 600 more, if I could. Note that some object to the subject matter, for various reasons.

Beyond LingQ, and therefore without scripts, are podcasts with conversations and interviews:

  • El Explicador
  • El Partido de las 12
  • En días como hoy
  • A Hombros de gigantes (focus on science)
  • La Linterna
  • La Milana Bonita (focus on literature)
  • Rollo de Película

To download, use iTunes or your favorite RSS connection. Each podcast probably has a website, too, but I’m not sure.

My Spanish listening ability is about a high LingQ Intermediate 2, and I can understand most of most of the dialogues.

A good friend to have in Spanish matters is Jolanda. Not quantity of leads, but quality of leads, with her.

@Don Hamilton

Thanks a lot for the Podcast suggestions. I’ll definetly take a look at those.

The course SpanishLingq is what I meant by ‘spanish lingq library’ in the original post. Maybe I was just spoiled by the lesson quality on the French side, but the Spanish side does not impress me. I have heard good things about the Conversations posted by Berta and Oscar, but unfortantely those have all been taken down.

I am a bit of a quantity over quality guy in my language learning. I can listen to a group of 10 podcasts on loop for 10 hours straight. The thing is, this kind of learning requires an interest in the content being looped for so long.

The earlier SpanishLingq conversations were not that great. but you could have quite an enjoyable time listening to the Guillermo y Mariano lessons. Some of the most entertaining conversations I have ever listened to. They were so popular that another collection of “Premium” content was created since they were in such demand.

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@Odiernod, Don Hamilton

You guys are right ! For some reason I had only listened to the other couple, but I can see now that the Guillermo y Mariano lessons are going to very useful for me.

I just came across ‘improvisaciones’ provided by Alsuvi. This particular course is great aswell!