Interesting content

Hi everyone!

Es scheint mir dass es mehr interesante Inhalte an ‘higher levels’ gibt.

I don’t know if I wrote that correctly, so here it is in English:

It seems to me that there is more interesting content in the higher levels. I’m just pointing this out because while the beginner content is excellent (Thank you Irene and Vera!), I find that the themes and subjects covered are necessarily basic. I just moved up the level indicator in the library up one notch, and the content seems to be much more varied and interesting. I suppose this is to be expected. I was just curious as to how Steve and other members on LingQ deal with the issue of balance. If I am to follow Steve’s approach, the content must be interesting and engaging first and foremost, but when you’re at beginner levels, you’re more or less forced to start with small bits with lots of repetition. So what it comes down to is, should I just try to work my way through an intermediate or perhaps even an advanced level text as long as it deals with a topic interesting to me?

I’ve been having this question recently because I would love to get on with really lively, interesting discussions on topics that I like.

I’d appreciate any thoughts on this :slight_smile:

Interesting question. If you don’t mind progressing somewhat slower because of the complexities of higher levels, then I’d say go for it. I do lose interest if the text is too basic and often tackle material that is quite hard for me.

(On the other hand, it can be fun to read some easier lessons just to appreciate the progress one has made!)

I always move on to interesting authentic content as soon as I can, even if it is difficult. I find that this ensures more rapid progress in the language. Occasionally I reach back and do easier lessons just for fluency and practice, but mostly I am pulled by my interest in the content.

For Yiddish, I have a 2 volume (approx 380 page) graded reader on Jewish history. It starts somewhere around the low-intermediate level and is, to me, extremely interesting. It’s perhaps the best graded reader I’ve ever seen. I know many people hate them but this one is just masterfully created. Perhaps it’s something to do with the fact that it’s not from the beginner level. Those tend to be less interesting in my experience and feel more like textbook lessons. Not so with this one. I find myself excited to get back reading it.

There is a difficult issue here: what is “interesting”? This notion varies greatly from person to person. In my case with English, I started at the intermediate level already and found lots of interesting content. Then, gradually, the content became too easy and seemed not so interesting and varied to me. At this point, most of my studying materials became imported ones, things I’ve found in other places and brought to my personal account to study. Of course, English learners have a huge advantage in terms of material resources… I don’t know about the availability of German content, but maybe you could try to find alternative resources. Since you don’t need to share (although you can do so), you will not deal with copyright issues if you keep your imported content private.

Hi Anapaula, there is a lot and really interesting content on high intermediate and advanced level in the German library. LinguaFranca’s German sentence "Es scheint mir dass es mehr interesante Inhalte an ‘higher levels’ gibt. " means “It seems to me that there is more interesting content at the higher levels.” Compared to the beginner content the subjects are more wide spread.

The meaning of the word ‘interesting’ is not in question. Something which is interesting means that it draws a person to it/a person is drawn to it. This notion doesn’t change. It’s the thing which is interesting which changes. Sorry, I’ve got a philosophical tendency. :slight_smile:

Better to say “What” is interesting? than 'What is “interesting”? …I hope someone understand that…lol