Integrated review, sentence view and hard core challenges

Integrated review is an excellent improvement. Bravo to the LingQ technical team that pulled this off.

I see three main benefits to the change:

  1. Short feedback loops. I’m not a researcher, but exposure to OODA loops and instant feedback has made me a true believer in the importance of being tested shortly after you learn something new. The importance of quick feedback cannot be underestimated. I used constant testing of practice questions to nail a bar exam. I know that I cannot learn efficiently through mass reading alone – I need to be told right away if I’m right or wrong.
  2. Encouraging reading at the appropriate level. If one selects materials too far above one’s proficiency, the integrated review sessions are a really unpleasant experience. Much better to select materials in the 90%+ comprehension level range so that one can answer the integrated review questions.
  3. Forced attention. It’s very easy to pile up the LingQs and not really learn much if you select overly challenging reading material. I’m guilty of this at times. Integrated review forces one to slow down on each page and really absorb the new material. There’s nothing more dispiriting than a bad score on vocab you just learned to force one to pay attention.
    Great work. Some parts of it are still a little rusty, but this was a lot of work and I love the integrated review.

It prevents my listening to the lesson without constant interruption. Very unpleasant!

Good idea BUT integrated review resets listening timer, have to manually seek back to where I was.

This is really cool. I think i’m going to learn even faster!

@jfalbytuttle, lynxdaftpunk - As I mentioned above, we are working on a way to stop the audio and maintain that location when paging with the review integrated. But, if it bothers you now, just turn it off in the settings and you can study the lessons the same as before.

That’s why, for the time being, I find it useful to start lessons with it turned off, read, listen and LingQ all the way to the end - then restart with it turned on, listening only to auto-dIctation. Works for my Japanese, but I don’t want to try to spell 12-letter Polish words! - ha! :slight_smile:

You guys really have a habit of implementing half done features. Something that is only half-done should not be on by default. If I want to do any listening without interruption and having to remember the time marker, I can’t. Although this is a cool feature, and I want to use it, I see myself disabling it in about a day once the novelty wears off and annoyance or constantly trying to find my spot with the player, which often times just shows up as 00:00 for me anyway, so I can’t even usually scroll to the selection I want.

Anyway. A for effort. D- for execution.

Love it. I struggle everytime to review my Linqs from the day before. This way is a must and It feels better for the purpose of learning new words.

@administrator Hmm… My french 90 day challenge… Not one of the 20 people approx on the challenge have any coins showing on the leader board. Yet do have lings … there may be an issue.

The same thing happens for the Spanish 90 day challenge, though at least I can see my number of coins on the bar on the right side,

Thanks @Fleaglebeagle,Sarka1. Definitely a bug there. We will get that fixed right away.

I have the same problem as Saka1 below. I do not see “Review LingQs when paging”. in settings.
I find this new feature very disruptive - so please advise further
Thank you, Anna

Make sure you are looking at the Reader settings (the settings cog in the top right of the reader window). If you click the Settings when looking at the activities you will only see the activity settings. Sorry for the confusion there. Now that we show these two things in an integrated way, we should look at merging those two settings windows.

Sorry about the audio issue. We hope to have a fix for this ready by tomorrow.

The issue with the audio should now be resolved. Your audio location is remembered when you page and starts from that position when you start playing it again.

Perfect, thank you!

Please in the future if you are going to release features like this that are not completely functional, put it as a beta opt-in. When you put a feature 90% of your users will opt-out of right away because you know that it doesn’t work, that just makes LingQ seem unprofessional and hurts the user experience. Thank you for the quick resolution on this, though.

This slows me down too much, especially when the internet connection is slow.

We are trying to figure out how to speed up the initial loading after the first page. In the meantime, you can just turn this feature off.

Mark, let me point out that although I love the feature, there are two issues:

  1. it takes a while to load each review page after each text page which in contrast to the review page loads rather quickly - i’m on a high speed internet connection and LingQ loads quickly so that shouldn’t be an issue here
  2. German nouns which are capitalized somehow show without the initial capital letter in the review.

Thanks for your work!

@algiegray - We are working on the speed of the review session. It is slow for the first session although is fine for subsequent pages. The German noun issue is a tricky one and relates to how words and capital and lower case letters are handled in all languages. We will not be able to do much about that I’m afraid.