Inputting your own goals


I’m curious is it possible to input your own goals under the statistics tab on the right hand of the screen? For example, the goals for ‘this week’ has known words as 427, Lingqs 91, words of reading 2723, etc. These numbers all seem somewhat arbitrary so I was wondering if I could change them to fit my own goals. However I’ve looked around and have seen no mechanism by which to do this. I know it’s not that important but if I could at least change the annual goals that would be cool.

Thanks in advance.

I suddenly found my goals associated with my statistics changed considerably. My known words went way up, as did my words read and I can’t reach these goals. I was working towards the goals given and found them a great challenge and now I don’t have that incentive. My speaking goals went way down as well. What could have changed, and can I go back to what they were before?

There were also considerably changed the goals in challenges, For example for Italian from about 4000 known words to more than 10 000 known words: I think this is really a lot and I wonder why this was changed?

@morda898 - Sorry that isn’t possible right now but that is something that is on our list. We’ll see if we can’t work on that soon.

@louise_steele, Sarka1 - We have adjusted the targets in the last few days as we noticed they were not consistent across languages and that some seemed very high and others seemed too low. There were some unintended consequences and there also seem to be some calculations that need to work a little differently. The targets for the Challenges are just 3 month targets so they are connected.

Give us a day or so to get this all sorted out. What do you all think are realistic daily/weekly targets for Known Words, Learned LingQs, Listening, Speaking, Writing?

My listening goal went up in the last couple of days too.

As for Italian for me realistic daily target for Known words is around 50 words. Though I try to be enough ambitious to aim higher as well as in Spanish and English which I study here too at present.

Thanks for the reply. It’s cool that it’s something you’re thinking about. I think it would be a helpful feature to have. To let every learner set goals that are suitable for them.

As answer to your question I think that each learner’s targets are perhaps what are realistic for them. I don’t know if there are single numbers that can satisfy everyone. Some people like me would want most of the targets to be higher, while others may want them lower because they have less time to devote to the language. If you’re talking specifically about the challenges then it probably varies with the language. I think though that the targets should perhaps be higher. For instance, I’m doing the 90 day Korean challenge and I’ve already surpassed most parts of the challenge except listening (nowhere close) and Lingqs learned (about 2/3 through). In fairness, I’ve been using the site about 2-4 hours a day for 9-10 days in a row so I might not be representative.

@louise_steele, jungle boy, Sarka - We have re-adjusted the targets again and they should be more reasonable. Let us know what you think. We want them to be achievable but also tough enough that you are making significant progress. Trying to find a balance!

Thanks, yes I am content, especially with the number of Known words.

Thanks for restoring the goals. I looked at the numbers, and have some suggestions. The LingQs at 91, LingQs learned at 49 and 3.5 hours of listening per week are good for me. I don’t always work towards each goal, but the numbers help me with choosing how I spend my study time. I prefer a goal of 1 hour per week of speaking, because I need that more, and 350 words of writing per week, to keep up on my grammar and spelling. My words known are dependant on my LingQs per week, and I don’t record my listening independent of the site, so I don’t have an opinion on these, give me a suggestion.

Thanks so much for maintaining the site to help me in my learning goals.

Oddly enough, my time listening is in negative numbers.

Sorry about that, it’s a known issue. Our developers fixed it and it will be on production soon.

Could you have used the subtract button to remove times listened? Or, input negative listening time using the manual control? Both of those actions can cause negative listening time over a given period.