Input sources

I have been adding the listening of each lessons, but what about other input say from music, movies, audiobooks, etc?

Do I add these as listening time?

I add these activities too (except listening music). But not every day, of course. Sometimes I have an attack of statistics collection and I add all my activities: I count reading LingQ forum as a words readed, posting comments as words written, watching TV shows as hours listened, and so on. But usually it is rather boring :wink: I just know that every day I write and read English a lot.

I think words would be too time consuming to count, in reading or writing.

I was just hoping that it’s not cheating. I’ve found that wathing Dutch tv shows and movies, and listening to other audio sources has increased my understanding, so I thought I’d add these things for French when I do them.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I include all listening activities that I do when I’m not actually asleep. Since I like to fall asleep listening to foreign language mp3s, it’s not an easy calculation to make :wink:

There is MS Word. The first time I just copy-paste posts from one screen. MSWord counted the number of words. So, I learned how many words are on one screen.

Good idea. I use Open Office but it can do the same thing.