Increasing activity points

does activity points only increase when I learn with content from the library -
or in the same way with content I have imported and is not official?

I’m pretty sure they increase whether you study with official content or imported, but for the past week or so my points have been quite static while others have increased rapidly.

Hi Jeff, exactly this is why I have asked.
I work each day but my status doesn’t increase on the contrary, it reduced.

It may of course be that your points for the last 30 days in fact reduced (let’s assume that you saved 1000 LingQs 35 days ago, 500 LingQs 34 days ago, and then 300, 200, 100 et.c. - points only count when they are during the last 30 days) - but - this being said, I still find it strange that my points reduced little by little, while for instance darbanville’s (yes, my nemesis… :wink: ) points increased when doing just about the same thing as I did (100-300 saved LingQs for each language during the last 7 days).

I also am slogging my guts out on imported materials and watching my stats going down daily. I haven’t bothered to investigate as yet, as Jeff says, there could be a logical explanation for it.

I ve had a similar experience lately. Well, the previous week I had some problems with my computer and I didn’t do enough things but it was only for about 4 days. So as I was expecting my points went down. But when I resumed to normal again they continued to go down. In that period I am saving a lot of phrases and sentences so I was thinking that it might be the cause. When lingquing phrases do the words contained in the phrase count minus from the known ones?

We have made some recent changes to the way Known Words/Learned Words are calculated. We are looking into these issues and hope to have some answers soon. Please be patient. We should have more info shortly.