Incorrect payment type

Hey guys,

Just having a problem upgrading from Free to Basic. I click on the upgrade button on the coupon page and it returns the error “Incorrect payment type”. The coupon box also seems to change language when the page reloads with the error. Are there payment types that I should be able to see?

Here’s a screenshot:



Sorry, better link:

Hi Chris,

That does seem strange. Are you entering the upgrade coupon in the box? I see that you have already used the coupon so the coupon could be getting rejected and could be causing this issue. Either way it is a bug, but any other information you can give us will help us track it down.

Hi Mark,

I wasn’t aware I had a coupon; I actually just left the coupon box blank and hit “Upgrade My Account” before I ran into the error. I’ve tried it on several browsers, and even under various language profiles but to no avail.

Hi Chris,

Could you try again? I’ve changed some settings in your account, as it looks like they may not have updated correctly after you downgraded last time.

Hi Alex,

It appears to be working now! I’m having some trouble with my PayPal account (they’ve limited access to it) so I’m unable to pay, at least until tomorrow. But I’m confident the glitch is gone, since now I can see the payment options. Thanks very much!

Sure thing! Just let us know if you run into any other errors in the process :slight_smile: