Incorrect filter for Vocabulary list in the LingQ android app

Hi guys,

Could you please repair the following bug in the Vovcabulary list in your app for Android? There should be a problem with an incorrect filter or something like that.

I have used the same filter for both pictures - the count of words is 16:

  • My Vocabulary from your Web - and there are correct words which I have really chosen before:
  • My Vocabulary from your Android app - and there are incorrect words (except the first one):

​Many thanks for considering my request.


Thanks, we will look into this.

Hi Zoran,

I have reinstalled the app, and it helped. The list of words is the same in both environments now. It can help you better understand the bug.

Thank you for your help and the best app, which is really useful for building my vocabulary.


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Great, glad to hear so!

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