Include referral links into our Facebook like-button generated posts!

It feels to be a fair thing to do!

Not a bad idea – that might incentivize people to share more on Facebook. We’ll keep this in mind!

If you did this I’d share more on Facebook

What does this mean…please explain to an old Luddite.

Meaning if you share your activities or share lessons, etc. on Facebook, anyone who clicks the link and signs up would automatically be your referral :slight_smile:

That would push me to update my “Learn Italian on LingQ” Facebook page more frequently!

Ahhh! Excellent idea.

I’ve suggested long time ago the option to include a referral code into lesson links too. I write about lessons on my blog, on facebook, twitter etc. including a link to the lesson and I’m sure that in this way people came to LingQ but I don’t know about this because there is no referral code included.

We will try and incorporate these referral links into more places automatically. I’m not sure if we will add them to the Lesson urls which are visible at the bottom of the lesson since that may confuse people. However, anytime you post a link if you add the extension “?referral=your_username” at the end of it, our site should register your referral.

Hi Mark, does this mean that I’ve simply to change the link?
For example: Login - LingQ
Instead of: Login - LingQ
Is it just that simple? That would be really, really great!

Yes, Vera that’s right. It should be working that way.

Oh, Mark. Why haven’t you told me before about that!

It’s something we did recently in preparation for adding it in more places. It hasn’t always worked that way. :slight_smile:

So, just to clarify, if I am studying a lesson and I click the “Share” button at the bottom to share the lesson I am studying on Facebook, which referral code is included in the link, mine or the content provider’s?

@odiernod - That URL doesn’t include any referral code yet. For now, just grab the URL at the bottom of the lesson, add your code to the end then paste it into Facebook :slight_smile:

I tried manually adding the referral code but the facebook generated post doesn’t look nearly as nice as the one created by clicking the share on facebook button at the bottom of the lesson. I think I’ll hold off until the refferal code is implemented in the share links at the bottom of the lessons.

@odiernod - If you use the Share dropdown “Share on Facebook” option the referral code is already attached to the url when you post it on Facebook. You should be good to go.

excellent, well then I’ll be sharing some of the more interesting lessons I read then

5 new members have signed up for a free membership since I’ve added the referral code to my Links. It is nice to see that the activities on my blogs, on Facebook, on Google+ etc. have an effect.

I don’t understand then: are the referral codes included in the link generated via the Share on Facebook button or not? From Mark’s post I understand they are, while Vera’s post suggests we still have to manually add them.