In which order points are deducted?

In which order my points are deducted?
For example: I’ve got 1000 points on 08.01, and 2000 on 08.02, and 5000 on 08.03
Now I have 8000 points and want to change 6000 of them to 6-month membership. So on 08.04 and on 08.05 I would be still having rest 2000 points? (till 08.06?)

@Polk00 - Your oldest points are used up first when you use them. Therefore, you should be fine in the scenario you describe.

I’d like to know how do I acquire points? I was using the free version, now I just subscribed for 6 months.
How is the process of paying the tutors?
Sorry, if this is not the proper place to ask.
Thanks so much,

@jandipime - You can purchase points from the Points page: Login - LingQ. With your new membership you will receive a 50% discount on points.

There is also the possibility of earning points by hosting conversations, participating in the Exchange, sharing lessons in the Library or referring your friends and having them upgrade their accounts.