In what order should I learn the Romance languages and the Slavic languages?

In what order should I learn the Romance languages and the Slavic languages?

there is no specfic order that you must follow to learn a language if you don’t have a specific need to learn one like for work ,travel or moving to another country choose the one you like the most .that is my opinion others might differ i’m sure you will find others on youtube and websites that will tell you something different

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Thanks for the reply! I have a question for you…what courses are you using to learn Italian?

as well as this site i’ use assimil italian some free audiolibro sites like and youtube shows with subtiltles

How about for French?

In the order they appeal to you. Learning languages requires a lot of effort and time, learning Dutch because it will make learning Afrikaans easier is illogical if you have no interest in Dutch.

Same thing. Assimil works fine as an introductory course but Lingq’s probably your best option in the long run

They are not game cards. The purpose isn’t just to collect them.

Learn whatever language YOU are interested in first. So you like the people, the culture, the media, the language, the content.

If you just go about treating languages like Pokemon you will fail.

Absent a particular need or desire for a different language specifically, Russian might be suggested as your intro to the Slavic family simply because of the wealth of material available for beginner and advanced alike. In addition to its native use, it serves as a lingua franca in much of the ex-SU and is an official language of the UN.

I have read that other Slavic languages are more similar to each other than is Russian, but I’ve not studied any other Slavic languages and can’t speak to that from personal knowledge. I have come across a number of good films in Polish, Czech, etc., so I’d believe that there’s rewarding material out there for all the Slavic languages. (In my case, however, I watched them with Russian dubbing.)

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