In the tiny reading mode on my phone, can the text automatically be read when I turn a page?

Hello LingQ.

I mainly use LingQ to read imported material.

I personally prefer reading in the tiny text reading mode (basically one sentence at a time) with LingQ because I can get an instant translation of the whole text I’m reading all at once, and I can listen to a computer generated speaker speaking all of the words on the screen all at once.

I believe the more I can hear what I’m reading, the better to help me have a better immersive experience with Spanish. (I watch a lot of YouTube videos in Spanish and etc. as well). I would like to click on the audio symbol to hear the computer read to me, but for me, it becomes too much clicking after a time. Can you make an optional feature that allows the computer to read the text to you automatically in the tiny text reading mode when you flip a page? That would make things a lot easier.