In the beginning of a new language

In Steve’s book, he still went through the unreal and artificial material with some unreal and artificial materials. He says we can choose any of these books as we like to pass the first stage. Then we can switch to rapid-growing stage that improves mostly by listening and reading. I am quite satisfied with the input-based method now with English and enjoy it very much.

Here comes my question. Is it possible to learn a new language in LingQ without the basic grammar construction(of course except for the alphabets, which are the elements of that new language)? I am interested to know if anyone who has already done that challenging learning process. I have confidence in input-based method but still not sure enough to do something like that. It would be very heartening for me to know there are members passing that period happily and things are going well. If yes, would you please share the experiences? Thanks.

Sorry, a bit typo.
The first sentence is =>In Steve’s book, he still mentioned going through the beginning of a new language with some unreal and artificial materials.

I would love hear from others on this.

In my case, I have done most of my Russian with LingQ. One of the first pieces I did was The Power of the Linguist. However, I did start, befoe we had Russian in LingQ, with some books I bought in the store. (Teach Yourself series and Colloquial series). My approach was the same, however, largely ignoring grammar.

ping, why not try it here with a language that you do not know?

In school I had already taken Japanese as my second foreign language, which I wish I had had started from the scratch. I quit when we moved to changes of verb forms; probably I may never be eager to learn Japanese again if I had finish that program. At that time I already knew the birth of LingQ, so I made up in my mind to restart from here. However, Japanese is not a total new language for me since I’ve been forced to swallow some patterns(8 lessons). But it’ll be the most acquirable language for me. After all, there are many same characters between Chinese and Japanese.

I would like my next target to be Thai. I understand currently LingQ is not ready for Asian languages(take it easy, the speed of growing is amazing enough!); by this, hardly could I enjoy a new language if I go to another Thai class available in Taiwan. My decision is to wait until LingQ supports Thai or I can get audios and texts from our generous Thai members.

Still, either French or Spanish is fascinating for me, too. Maybe I will choose one to enjoy here in the future not far away from now.

I’m also VERY curious to know how this all works from the begining. I haven’t tryied yet simply because I don’t have enough time right now and I think the ‘intensity’ that Steve speaks so frequently is an important part of the Linguist method. Also, I’m using my somewhat sparse time now to improve my English. If things go well, I’ll need at least more 3 or 4 months of intense English to achieve my goals. Then I intend to start French from scratch. I was thinking on writing a blog about this, to register the adventure.


Hello! If you don’t mind, could I have the address of your blog? I look forward to seeing your post concerning the adventure;)

sure, when I set it up I’ll tell the lingQ community! but it won’t happen until some more months.
I think someone from lingQ staff had written elsewhere that in future the users will have blogs inside lingQ itself. It would be a really good idea.

I have begun this course because I like communities and morover as autodidactic I progress in the understanding but I can neither speak nor write…
I understand French perfectly and Englsh very well: I speak French quite well, but I write it very bad; my English written and spoken are extremely poor.
I am fond of languages and I hope to overcame all these difficulties, I also understand a little Portugais because I have a Brasilian sister-in- law, I know a little Russian because my neighbors are Russian and I begun to study it …


You write English well. I can assume that you are equally understated about your other skills. Welcome here. This is a community and we are working to make it better. You can fill out your profile with an image, whether of yourself or your favourite flower, animal, cultural icon, or whatever you wish.

One day, when you are comfortable here, I hope we will even get a little self-introduction recorded in your language for others to use to learn your language better.