In Sentence Mode, the translation takes forever to load

I’m on iOS using the Sentence Mode. When I hit the translation button, it keeps loading but never shows the translation.

My target language is Japanese and uses Chinese as the primary dictionary.

Thanks, I’ll check this with our iOS developers.

The same issue is on the web so it could be an issue across the platform. The issue is likely on the backend server.

I also tried another non-English language. Same.

I did some digging using the developer console.

When I hit the “translation” button, the page sends a request to this URL:

The payload contains the Chinese translation. So the bug is in the UI layer.

Let me know if there is an ETA to fix this. This is likely affecting many users.

Our developers are looking into it and we will have it improved soon. Thanks for your patience!

Hi Zoran, any update on this?

It should be fixed, but I just tested it on my end for your language combination and it still gets stuck on loading. Sorry about that, I just reported the problem to our developers and they are looking into it. We will push the fix asap!