In praise of Google Translate as a dictionary choice

Since we can now select our dictionary I find that I am happiest with google translate. I find that most of the time I get a more or less context relevant translation or “hint” of the meaning right away. If I want more info I can go to one of the other dictionaries. Very often the other dictionaries have a lot more information that most often I do not need.

What about the views of others?

I love Google Translate, and the best thing is that it keeps getting better over time since google continues to work on phrase translations ect. It’s still not perfect of course, but they do do a lot of upkeep :slight_smile:

Google translation is really good, but when I choose Google Dictionary or Translator and then lingQ a word, I see only the list of available dictionaries and not the translation of word. Only by setting Babylon I see the result directly, without have to make other clicks. Can I change it?

You can set Google Translate as your default dictionary, which means a new window opens automatically with the phrase already translated; you can still click on other dictionary links (leo, Babylon) if you are not satisfied. The advantage of Babylon I appreciate is that I can mark and move the translation over into the Hint space right away. With Google or leo I have to copy and paste or type in the translation myself. But Google Translate is definitely quite good for most purposes; is better on phrases, to my experience.

The advantage of having google translate as the default dictionary is that the response time is very fast. If we need additional information on gender, pronunciation etc. we can always check another dictionary. I have no trouble copying or clicking and dragging from google translate. However, since google translate often just gives one, context related answer for a word, I often just type in the hint.

The response time by Google is really a bit faster but this minor difference is not significant compared to the time for additional clicks. Of course dictionary setting is an advantage, I thought each chosen dictionary would work as Babylon, though.

We are working on reducing the number of clicks.