In a lesson is it possible to revert the known words back to unknown?

I want the blue help messages to pop back up when I am reading my lesson but I selected that I know it already a while back. I want to see the blue highlights again so I can review better. Is this possible?

This question rises up time by time. Look here: Know All (Vocabulary) Button - Language Forum @ LingQ

There is a description in the FAQ as well:

You can’t really see them as blue unless they have first been saved and then deleted.

A “quick” solution is to copy everything and paste it into a word document, then search for spaces, and all kinds of punctuation you can imagine (commas, question marks, semi colons…), and replace them with a line-break. After that, go to the vocabulary section, copy/paste everything in and add as “a list of terms”… Then, select all your words and delete them again (to get them out of your system). That’s it.

This shouldn’t take more than five minutes…


Just highlight the words you want to see hints for and they will pop up. You can’t revert the I know all process.