Improvement Suggestions

  1. “Save” and “Cancel” buttons in the Settings page
    This feature is really helpful for users to know if the changes have been really applied and also to regress to the previous state if they mess up the changes.
  2. Filters under the Vocabulary tab needs a couple of improvements
  • When switching back and forth between “All”, “Phrases”, and “Due for Review”, courses and lessons in the filters are very much likely to not display anything, which is a known issue for me from the legacy style of LingQ.
  • Multiple selections of courses or lessons in the filters, which is available on the mobile-phone version, but not on the web version
  • Showing all the tags that users selected in the filters. Currently, only the suggested ones that display in the filters by default will be turned on if users have selected them. Maybe adding an extendable scrolling window under the search bar, showing all the tags that the user has created is a good idea for them to know all the options, and only showing the selected tags below the search bar instead of the suggested ones.
  1. A dictionary cannot be removed in the user’s dictionary languages
    After the removal of a dictionary is done, it will show up again after refreshing the page.
  2. The editing window of a word during a review session cannot exit
    After clicking the edit button, there is no way to exit the pop-up window.

    These are some experiences that I had and consider them as bugs or inconveniences that should be improved. I hope these suggestions will help with the user’s experience on LingQ. Thank you.

Thanks a lot. We appreciate all suggestions we get and we are doing our best to follow users directions as much as possible to make LingQ more enjoyable.