Improved My Spanish in a Fraction of the Time

I may be preaching to the choir, but I want to let people know how much LingQ has helped me with my Spanish skills. In late July, I took a Spanish placement test at a university that I will be attending in the spring, and I placed at the very bottom of the second semester class. After spending a few months learning Spanish, with LingQ, Duolingo, and books, I retook the placement test, and I placed in the middle range of the third semester class. I have had no one-on-one tutoring or any group class. I think that learning by input would work for a lot of people if they knew about various resources, such as LingQ.
I will still continue to use LingQ to keep improving, and ai hope to use it for other languages in the future. I just thought that Inwould share a little success story of mine!


Awesome, really glad to hear of the excellent progress that you’ve made. Keep up the great work!