Improve speed

Hi. The speed of iLingq and the website is terrible. I don’t like to complain so much, but really need to make some improvements on the speed.

In addition, I’ve noticed that sometimes when I trying to open iLingq it will just kick me out back to the springboard. Need to try around 14 times before it lets me get back in.

Milan, I find the speed of to be very good actually most of the time. As for the app, it too is quite good. It may be your internet connection that is slow. You do get kicked out of the app occasionally but not so often while using it. We will look into that but it is a minor inconvenience if at all.

I agree, Mark. I also find the site fast enough, and the app really good, except when it shuts down from time to time. It still is a great app and will be even greater when all the question marks appearing in the middle of sentences (and not where they should actually appear) are gone.