Improve english every day

let’s practice!!!

i feel boring to listening the podcast everyday, to erase the feel like that, i listening clip video with subtitle, i think this method is practical for improving my english

I think the same, and I preffere speak with a woman to improve my english because it is interesting when you try to be convincent and konker somethig, I think in this situation you make your best effort!

at my place, i fell ashamed to speake in english because all people speak in malay.

Hello everybody,
I’m new in this web and hope you tell me more about the way to use this English learn web?


and best Regards,

hello mustafas, are you muslim?

I’m also new user in this program, i not sure what the best way to study using this web but i usually read text and listen to chek the pronouncation, after that i just try listen and try to understand the text.

i use this forum to talk in english, i seldom or never talk in eglish in one day, this forum is my opportunity to talk english,

i’m poor in english, i don’t know what i has wrote is correct or not. i hope everyone can help me.

hello everyone…
my name is bhumika…, and i am from india… and i am really happy to see such forums online which helps a lot of people who want to learn and understand english in a much better way. i am honoured to be a part of this community. and i hope i’ll get all your support from you people who are here for a good cause… growing and knowledge is a never-ending process for which i am here.

god bless you all.

everyone is best in his/her way its just we need to know and polish our talents… EVERYONE ROCKS…!!

all the best

It’s my first time I get in forum like this. My native language is portuguese, I’m brazilian. So, I don’t speak well, I just know speak in a basic level. I hope that my vocabulary improve.



Hello Toninho. I am trying to learn portuguese and I have found that lingq is indeed a help as I am English and do not have any native speakers with whom to pratise ( though I am still too slow yet to have a conversation ). I find that I can read and write the language O.K. but , due to the speed factor, I am unable to understand much of that which I hear yet. I think, however that Portuguese is a very beautiful language and that ,therefore, I will continue with it ,until I can eventually speak it fluently. I have posted on the Portuguese forum under “Uma Pergunta” …if you wish to add anything on there. I,too, hope that my vocabulary may improve ( if only it would improve more rapidly!) but I expect that this process will take a few years to complete to a satisfactory level. Paul Perryman.

Hello Everyone!!!

I’m Brasilian too like Toninho. I knew this forum and liked it. I’m a basic speaker and hope to learn more here.


Hi all,

I’m indonesian who live in singapore, I don’t feel comfortable to speak in English but I hope i can do practice in this forum, and get a new friends from other country


hi, all
I’m new in this web and hope you tell me more about the way to use this English learn web?

Hello, My name is Marcio. I am an brazilian. I have been studing English since last year, but I don’t know about the language. I would like to know somebody who speak english with fluence or better a native speaker to share my knowlegde in portuguese and in the other hand, improve my english. I hope to find a person available and interested in it. Thank you. Good Luck to all.

Marcio Vicente - Brazil

Oh, I almost forget to tell my email.

Please, write to me.

hello everybody. I am brazilian and would like of the improve my knowledge in english. I don’t have american friends or other peoples that speak english, I will like this for get better in my epeech. thanks

I forgot. my email is


I’m venkata krishna from india . I’m nwe to this forum.



Try this site:

you can learn new terms and contemporarily help the others


Thank you for this link. Very interesting. Our members can go there and find out their vocab level and contribute to feeding people around the world.

By the way, I see you are a tutor in Italian. How can I sign up for a discussion so I can ask you questions about this site?