Improve Audio for beginner content on Dutch LingQ

Is there a way to improve the beginner content (greetings and goodbyes, eating out, and who is she) on Dutch LingQ? Sometimes when I am listening to the content it is rather hard to hear what they are saying because of the echo in the audio. I’m just curious.


I agree that the audio quality is not the best for these lessons. Could you contact the providers and ask them?

I just contacted the provider so I hope that I get some feedback to see if it is possible.

It would be nice to have the audio on the same quality as that of the other languages like German or Spanish to name a few.

Remember that these are unsupported languages. We hope that the community can work together to improve things.

Yeah I know. All things just take time.

I’ve contacted Silvia 2 weeks ago. She’ll try to improve the quality after her holiday.

I am sorry that my work is not of sufficient quality. I tried to improve with the latest two collections, but I am not recording in a studio. Let me know if things have improved in the collections ‘Beginners - Groeten’ and ‘Op vakantie’. I have no soundcard (only a chipset on the motherboard) and I have a cheap microphone. I am forced to record besides my computer which generates noise… All not very perfect conditions. If the latest two collections are still not of sufficient quality, I would have to discuss with someone more technical how I could improve.
Once I know how to achieve sufficient quality I can redo the others.

I can record these lessons, but keep in mind that it will be recorded with a flemish accent.

silviad you just need to buy a usb headset, it comes with its own soundcard integrated in the usb. I’m guessing any usb headset will have a better soundcard than yours, so you won’t need to buy a 100€ headset, just a medium one will do.

By the way, which software are you using to do the recordings? Audacity would be a good one to use (if you’re not already using that one). Once you have your new headset just try different configurations and see which one sounds best.

Good luck silvida I’m really looking forward to the new recordings!!!

thank you very much for all the effort you’re putting in, I really appreciate it.

Dag! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I am already using Audacity. I applied the noice filter on the latest two collections, but I was not able to achieve neater audio quality with my microphone. Thanks for the advice of the usb headset. I will look into that.



If you are recording in a large room that may be some of the problem. Try recording in a small room if possible. It seems like there is an echo in the audio that makes it sound like you could be in a large room. But then, that is just my ears actually. Otherwise it’s great content!

I would use a usb headset for my recordings last year, but the microphone recorded the noise of my breath too… Now I use a webcam with an in-built mic and I hope the sound quality is acceptable even if it isn’t perfect.

What is the noise filter you are talking about? I once tried to reduce the background noise, but it was an annoying task. can’t apply it to the whole recording or my voice will eventually sound too low and selecting all the single parts where I’m not speaking is too time-consuming.

Nick is right. Much better than using filters is to have a room with good conditions. Filters can let you sound “flat”. Good is if the room has carpets and curtains and other fabrics in it. Also it is good if there are a lot of things in the room. I remember that Annik Rubens from “Schlaflos in München” opens the doors of her wardrobe and almost sit in it for her recordings to improve the sound.