Impossible to "unknown" a word after having marked it as "known"?

Maybe I am not doing it in the good way, here is how I do it :

  1. I click on a new word
  2. I mistakenly click on known
  3. I don’t know this word, I want to cancel that, so, as you can see on the bottom of the screenshot, I click on “1”
  4. But when I close menu, the word is still considered known

Am I missing something ? Is there another way to do it ?

It works like you’ve tried it in the browser. So maybe a bug in the app?!

I guess you have to choose one of the meanings first. Happens to me from time to time, too.

Oh yes it seems to work this way !! Thank you !!

Yes, you can undo when you make a word known, but you can select it again, take an action and save it to Vocabulary (make it yellow), or ignore it if you want.