Impossible to create LingQs

I am having a problem with the creation of LingQs. When I click on “+ Hint” in the Quick LingQ mode, the window that opens up is empty and I cannot even add a word or phrase in the main field (which should already contain the word I want to remember but is, instead, empty).
I’m using Google Chrome on the old pc I have at the embassy, but I have been using LingQ on it since the beginnning and never had this problem before.
Thanks for your help,

There appears to be a problem with thie dictionary connection and even a manually entered Hint does not show up un the yellow highlight although it does remain on the LingQ widget. We will fix this asap.

The same is with me today. I use Mozilla Firefox. The stange inscription I have on my LingQ: ‘Sorry, but dictionaries are inaccessible.’ If I use my own dictionary, these LingQs don’t appear on the right in the field of LingQs. Yesterday everything was OK.

All my LingQs with an apostrophe in the term are lost!
They are not yellow or underlined, and you cannot LingQ them anew.


@hape - We are working on the apostrophe problem. We think we have a solution but it requires a complete re-indexing of the content database. Give it a day or so for that process to complete.

OK, mark, thank you!

don’t want to appear pushy but in one of my lessons all the hints disappeared…

@junair - Yes, there are some problems with certain LingQs that were created yesterday. We are working to restore those missing hints. We hope to have them back some time today.

Mark: Thanks so much for all your hard work.

This means I have more time to listen to the audios which is something I need to do more of anyway.

Marj B.