Impossible List: can it be used as a motivation tool?

Hello, everyone!
Have you ever heard about the “Impossible List”? (
The Impossible List is a lifetime list used as a method to keep records of every goal you have in your life and also make you stay motivated to it. It was developed by Joel Runyon.
I think that the impossible list is extremely useful for language learning, because it can be used to keep us motivated to see our improvement after our goals. That is why I made one for myself (Road to Multilingualism: My Impossible List).
I though that you guys here would like to create a list for yourselves too. What do you think about it? Do you think it is useful? I’m having a good time with my list, but It’s been just a week since I started this, so I still have lots to do in this sense.

Sounds interesting. It’s true that I can now do things that I once thought impossible. Maybe keeping an actual list could be helpful.

What do I think about it? I think it’s misnamed.

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Good morning, Wulfgar! I thought that in the first time, but have you checked the official site to see the concept of the Impossible List? It is interesting, because it is called “impossible” because it is a never ending list, it is made to motivate you always to do more and better. For example, if you want to jog for 5 k and you accomplish it, you must take a new goal, such as run 10 k, and when you finish 10 k you must go harder and harder. That is why it is called impossible, because it is not a common bucket-list where you put things you want to do and once you finished one you remove that from the list and then have a smaller list. The impossible list keeps growing bigger and bigger.
By the way, congratulations for your amazing progress in your three languages :slight_smile:

The only item in my impossible list would be to complete the single item of the list.

Yes, very poorly named. “Endless List” might be better.