Imports from long ago disappeared

Good afternoon.

I have noticed that my imports appear to have some missing. I imported some things including the lyrics to Chen Yi Xun - Gu Yong Zhe as well as an article on a Chinese website dated around early January 2021, and imported a few days later regarding the COVID epidemic in Jilin Province. Neither imports, and probably a few others have since vanished, and I’m 100% confident I didn’t delete them. Is there any idea where they could have gone? I’d prefer not to have to try and find them again, as they’re outdated webpages, most likely, and it would be considerably difficult to find something similar.

Thank you kindly. Have a good day.

Your account was on the Free level for 6 months and your data got removed. During the downgrade flow, you can activate the Vacation plan ($2/month) to keep data saved on account if you plan to come back to Premium later and pick up where you left off.