Importing YouTube songs with captions


I am trying to decide whether to sign up for LingQ. One of the appeals for me is the import function because I want to be able to study songs I like in Spanish for example. But I’m finding it very difficult to find videos of the songs I want with captions embedded in such a way that I can import them to LingQ. Am I missing something about how captions in YouTube / the LingQ import function works? Or is there some kind of workaround? Let me know if anyone can help.

You can import any video from YouTube if it has available subtitles (CC), including songs of course.

Maybe you need converter this video with and to have mp3 audio

You can download YouTube songs into LingQ. This video shows you how (using BTS/Kpop as an example):

I recommend using videos that have human created closed captions (stay away from auto-generated).

Hi philijaco
I know it’s really frustrating at times. Especially with songs, most YouTube videos don’t have captions and the filter function in YouTube is rather hit and miss. I guess we should message YouTube about this as it’s not really a Lingq problem as such. If you are still thinking of subscribing to Lingq, I would encourage you however because there is plenty of other YouTube content that does have CC provided and it really is the best way to learn

Good luck in your studies