Importing vocabulary lists/texts?

I think this can be done on lingq? How can it be done? For example vocabulary from Anki.

Thank you!

Head on the Vocabulary Page (Learn > Vocabulary), just click on “Import Vocabulary” button on the top and you will be able to import by copy-pasting singe term, list of terms, or you can upload CSV file with all terms you want to import.
Let us know if you have any additional questions!

Can you make separate lists? the new words have to mix in with the other words I save? I want to be tested on the new words that I made.

Unfortunately you can’t create the separate lists, but I suggest you to use sort option in the right side of the screen on the Vocabulary Page. All the terms which you will import will have status 1, and if you sort your vocabulary list by Status or Creation Date, all newly imported terms will appear first.