Importing via LingQ Extension

It says in the guide that we cannot import youtube videos without closed captions, but there are many videos without captions that have transcriptions that are easily found online (such as song lyrics).

Is it possible to change the functionality such that I can still import these videos (without closed captions) so that I can manually copy paste the transcriptions into the lesson? This is also a useful feature for people that are willing to put extra work into creating content for others.

Do you have an example Youtube link that you can’t import?

You can’t import YouTube videos without captions automatically through LingQ extension.
However, you can extract audio, and then manually import a lesson by uploading audio and add video url under resources tab. And of course you can copy-paste and add the transcript.

This is what I eventually resorted to, but it wasn’t undo-able by any means but it would be nice if this feature was available.

It doesn’t make sense to import anything without text. Lessons at LingQ can’t be imported/saved without a text, and that’s why videos without captions can’t be imported. Captions are the main reason YouTube/Netflix feature was implemented.

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