Importing TVB dramas for Cantonese

I am currently trying to import Cantonese TVB drama episodes from Youtube into Cantonese Lingq. However while the transcript will be imported just fine as one lesson, the audio on the other hand will not properly import and no matter how long I wait (as in several days) it will still say that the audio is being downloaded. This could be due to the episode audio durations (being over 40 minutes), as the import function with other shorter videos with captions works just fine. Yet I noticed that when I import equally long Mandarin Drama episodes into any of the Chinese slots, the episode will be split into two lessons with 20 minute audios with the lesson transcripts corresponding to them. So I was wondering if the function used to split long videos into multiple lessons could also be introdruced in Cantonese Lingq as well. Interestingly, the import function would not work when I tried importing any Cantonese TVB drama episodes into any of the Standard Chinese slots, stating that there was an error and no captions were found. Thanks if anything can be done about this.

Thanks, we will look into it and see what we can do.

It appears to work now. Thanks

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