Importing text from Italian

I am trying to import text from an Italian PDF (that I changed to a word document and broke the encryption on) and when I copy and past, it spaces everything very weird. Here is what I mean:

Ma furono il sole, la luna, le stelle e la terra le prime cose che
Dio cre o? No. Dio cre
o prima persone spirituali simili a lui. Non
possiamo vederle, come non possiamo vedere Dio. Nella Bibbia
queste persone sono chiamate angeli. Dio cre `
o gli angeli perch ´
vivessero con lui in cielo

The accent marks are not correct; it seems that they are putting the accent mark next to the letter instead of on top of the letter. Any ideas?

Once upon a time the little paintbrush on the importing page (just beneath the text box) was used to clean up messy code. Have you tried clicking it?

I just tried it and it didn’t seem to make any difference.

The only thing I can think of in that case is to do a ‘find and replace’ search in Word and then, once you have corrected all accent-carrying characters, re-import your text.

Hi Ricky,

It seems the formatting/encoding of the text you are inputting is nonstandard, and this is likely causing the issue. Could you send an email to support with the PDF file that you are trying to import?