Importing on iPad/iPhone/iPod touch

Because the import bookmarklet doesn’t work on Safari on iOS (I think it’s Apple’s fault?), I tend to import by copying text, opening a bookmark to the import page and pasting in the content. It works okay and I get to LingQ on the go. I have set up multiple links to import content into different categories too.

I wish that there was a “Save and Open” button on the import lesson page to make the import process even faster. Currently you have to first click save the page, and then click save and open.

Does someone know of a browser on iOS that supports the bookmarklet?

There was a thread a while ago with instructions on how to add the bookmarklet to Safari on iPad. I did so and I’ve been using it a bit!

@keke_eo - Just so you know, we do have adding the “Save & Open” button to the initial Import page on our list. It should be relatively quick to do after some of the other changes we made to that page.

@mikebond you’re right, now it seems to work. I’m sure it didn’t work earlier, but it works now :slight_smile:

@mark thanks mark! (although now the bookmarklet seems to work, this is less of an issue for me)