Importing new lessons

I m new to lingq so some help will be appreciated , as far as i understood as a free member you can not import more than 5 lessons , but is it possible to delete them and add new lessons?I have tried to add some lessons and they did not work and I can not see any imported lessons anywhere in all my account and whenever I tired to add something now it gives me this annoying error " Oops! It looks like this import exceeds your import limit. Upgrade Now to get unlimited imports!"

is there any specific place to see the imported lessons on app or the web

Thank you

Yes, Free accounts are limited to 5 imports. Once you reach this limit, you can’t import more content unless you remove previously imported lessons.
All your imports are listed under the Continue Studying shelf on the home page. You can change the sort by to Newly Imported to find your imports easier.

I have tried to delete all imported lessons , after importing sth when i try to open it it just shows me nothing like the attached pics
also when i try to download the lesson it is just moving but nth is happening

Please check your email, I replied you there with further instructions.

I am having difficulty using the Apple app “Friendly Streaming” to import content to Lingq. Streaming content is run through this app including Netflix and YouTube. Have others had similar difficulty?

@fcwilliams Sorry, I am not familiar with that specific app. Hopefully someone will be able to respond with more information.

This is how the imported lesson looks like in my acc - to make it clear I do not have any other imported lessons ( or at least I can not see them ) as you can see it shows a lock on the lesson and whenever I try to open it on the web it says Oops!
“Please Upgrade” … and in the app it just opens an empty page with nothing on it.

This is the link for this sample lesson :

when I try to import anything it also gives me this error " Lesson Imports Limit Exceeded
Oops! It looks like this import exceeds your import limit. Upgrade Now to get unlimited imports!"

You will need to upgrade your account to unlock the importing feature.

so basically this free 5 lessons import is a fake thing and you need to upgrade it I had very high opinion about lingQ but I ve noticed it has no trial to check the features and also it is not as good as I was thinking to
Not recommended