Importing little fox chinese lesson

I enjoyed a little fox chinese lesson offered in LingQ and now would like to download one, but I cannot figure out how to do it. I created a lesson, gave the URL of the lesson, but it only downloads the description of the lesson, not the individual lessons, which are about 25 of them. How do I import them

Were you able to import from that source earlier? Through our extension?

someone had imported the entire series of stories about the king of the jungle, not myself. i tried to download the story about the twins, but only was able to download a description of the story, not the individual storylines. am i missing steps? i don’t find help online on steps to follow.

so there is no one that can share steps that have worked for them for downloading a series of stories from little fox chinese? how was the first one that was available to everyone downloaded?

I would go directly to Little Fox Chinese and create an account. On the website you can do this for free. Then you can access stories, audio, and transcripts.

If you want to download the transcript from this site:

  1. Go the Reader. On the top right hand side of the page there are three dots. Click.
  2. Select Lesson Information. A small box should appear.
  3. Select the Printer icon. This should launch a transcript of the lesson in a new tab. Please note that this transcript may not be formatted correctly.

Hope this helps. I read the Journey to the West series and it was very helpful.

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Thank you, I will give it a try. I find their content interesting and in a fun format.