Importing from Youtube

Videos that are longer than a certain length only seem to be important part 1 and no more.

also can we please have the option to just listen to the audio of a youtube video after it has been imported. Now it brings up a popup with the youtube video, meaning you cannot listen and read at the same time.

I saw a minimise button on the right corner of the popup. Press it and you still can read the lesson and you can listen to the video while reading the text. I don’t know whether there is an alternative way to do so, but that’s what I’m currently doing.

But then the minimise button blocks the definitions of the word you click on so you cannot read the definition or mark it known.

I would also appreciate the presence of the audio player. I would love to use the 5sec backward button. I agree that the fact that the video player covers the sidebar is a huge obstacle, too.

We will make possible to move this minimized video window, that should solve the problem. We are also working on YT import issues you reported and that should be taken care of soon.