Importing from the Iphone

Hi, how can i acces to the lesson i just imported from Safari ? when i import a lesson from Safari in Iphone, it saves it in the QUICK IMPORTS course, but when i open the Lingq IOS app i cant find this course QUICK IMPORTS anywhere, and i also cant find the lesson…

I´ve tried second time to import the text from safari, this time leaving blank the option of “course”, so i guess it was not saved inside any course, but when i open the Lingq IOS app the lesson is not anywhere. Really cant find it on my library or inside last lessons. Any suggestions? Thanks!


You should be getting a system notification when you successfully import a lesson. So that would be the first way to get there. If you’re not receiving notifications you might try reinstalling the app. It should then prompt you to accept notifications once you log back in.

You can access Quick Imports by adding the “My Courses” tab to the app home screen via settings. My courses should appear there then. You could add “Imports” to your list of tabs also. This is for all imported lessons.

However, if you can’t find the articles at all, it may mean that they are not importing successfully. That could happen with certain websites. If after trying the above two methods you still can’t find your articles, please let me know some specific URLs that aren’t importing for you.

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thanks! now is working