Importing from Criterion Channel

Has anyone successfully imported from the Criterion Channel? Its a pretty amazing netflix style subscription service for classic movies, obviously great for language learning. The import actually shows as successful but only includes the boilerplate on the website, not the actual film content. Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks!

Hi, BabyRuth!

I just checked the website, but I don’t have a subscription. Anyway, I see three problems here:

  • The length of the movies: Normally you can’t import audio / video into LingQ that is longer than about 54 min.
  • If the movies don’t have subtitles that the LingQ extension can extract, then there is nothing to import.
  • Another problem could be that LingQ must explicitly support importing from the Criterion channel. If it doesn’t, then importing into LingQ won’t work. But you could ask the LingQ support if imports from this channel are possible.

Have a nice day

oh all right–the subtitles are in english so i guess thats why. but i imported full length movies from netflix so it shouldn’t be the length . thanks!