Importing for Unsupported Languages


Hoping someone here has experience with this and can offer suggestions. I’ve been studying Irish and Icelandic for a while before starting on LingQ, and after having gotten a bit familiar with LingQ through Norwegian, I’m hoping to get as much as I can out of LingQ to help with those other two, even though they are unsupported languages. I’m also interested in learning Hindi, and I’d like to try that language from scratch (I do have a beginner’s book I started recently) on here.

Currently I have Icelandic in my English slot and Irish in my Esperanto slot. I can import text and webpages just fine for both of those. The trouble comes when I try and import Irish (etc) videos from Youtube. Each time I do it, I get a text that seems to be nonsense in whatever language I import it to. If it is imported to my English slot, I think its trying to find the closest English approximate to the Irish sounds it hears. It does the same thing in other languages if I import them to those slots.

Is there something basic I’m overlooking when I import? Perhaps there is a different way to import that content so that I can have the text in Irish correctly?

A second issue is that when I have imported a web page text, one day I can click individual words and hear them pronounced, and the next I can’t unless I open google translate and use their voice button. Sometimes doing this makes the whole lesson page grey out and I have to close the tab. Sometimes it doesn’t remember that I created a lingq. Is there anyway I can change the default language away from the supported one when I click on the google translate dictionary?

Or maybe I’m just going about this all wrong for unsupported languages?

Thanks in advance.