Importing error message

I was trying to import something and I’m getting this message:

Please correct the following error:

* Field "audio": The audio sample rate must be either 11025, 22050 or 44100 Hz. The sample rate of the audio you uploaded was 8000. View content specifications.

Now I’ve gone in more than once and changed it in preferences in audacity and resaved ect, but I keep getting this message saying that the sample rate is 8000, when it tells me different within the Audacity program. I uploaded a .wav file and converted it to an .mp3 with audacity but I don’t see how that could matter. Anyway, am I missing something easy?

Did you follow the instructions here to alter the frequency in Audacity, It should work. You may have to make it 44100 and not either 11025 or 22050.

I’ll try to alter the frequency… I’m pretty sure that even from the .wav file it was 44100, I’ll give it a try though…

Eh it hates me, I can’t figure out what’s wrong with these files and why audacity isn’t converting them correctly.

Whoops. I see that I told you to make it 44100 but I should have said 22050 like it says in that FAQ. That may help…although you may have already tried it.

Yeah I did try that… What I ended up doing is just converting it through a different mp3 converter, one I normally use… who knows why audacity wasn’t working for these files, but I figured it out, it’s uploaded, thanks for the help…

I am having this problem as well. I tried a few things but Audacity doesn’t seem to be able to convert the frequency easily.

All I want to do is convert mp3 48000 to mp3 44100, preferably “in bulk” - i.e. I specify a folder and the software converts all the files within.

Does anyone know of free downloads for both PC and mac (as I use both) that would enable this to be done ?

I’ve found out what the problem in Audacity is.
To change the sampling rate you need to click on the “Project rate” button (bottom left of screen) and change it there, then simply export as MP3. Doing it from Edit-Preferences doesn’t work.

Mark, you may want to update the FAQ to add this in.

@ Jamie - It sounds like the procedure has changed. Which version of Audacity are you using?

We’ve looked at the FAQ and realize that it is outdated. An updated version of this answer is in the works :slight_smile: Thanks for mentioning this!

I know this is a very old thread, but I have only had a paid account here and have hit the dreaded message that “The audio sample rate must be either 11025, 22050 or 44100 Hz”.

It is a very frustrating restriction, since I have probably a couple of hundred lessons that I want to import, and all have an sample rate of 48000. Why doesn’t LingQ accept submission of files with different sample rates and simply convert them in the back-end system to one of the three mandatory ones?

I don’t know why LingQ doesn’t accept files with different sample rates, but you can easily change it with Audacity. I know it’s time consuming if you have so many lessons, but I can’t think of a different solution.

@AnthonyLauder - If you use iTunes you can change the sample rate of multiple audio files fairly easily. Here’s a guide that might help:

Converting media files is actually a fairly hardware-intensive task (as you’ll find when converting them with your own computer). It’s better for now that the user do this on their own machine, since it may affect performance for other users if we handle these conversions.